Immersion Composition Society, June 2015


I participate in the Immersion Composition Society when I’m home and available.

The ICS is comprised of ‘lodges’ all around the world who endeavor to compose twenty songs in the course of one day, and share results at the end of the day.

I composed 4 new pieces on Sunday, June 7, including the commissioned piece ‘Prostrate Before a Periwinkle’ for patron Kai Weber.

Click on this link to hear these lovely new songs!

EZID for Lalish

The Cabiri‘s spettacolo EZID is premiering at Cornish Playhouse (former Intiman Theater) at Seattle Center 12-20 June.  Event Info

I’m honored to play bass, theremin, clarinet & sing with YESOD.
The acrobats/atheletes in The Cabiri are fearless flying around above.

EZID is created by Calibri founder John Murphy, who describes his 3 recent visits to the holy city of Lalish, Kurdistan.

EZID is inspired by Murphy’s time in Lalish.

We hope to stream our tribute to the people of Lalish, or even better to bring EZID there.


Distribution A-Go-Go-g-OU!

OU: SCRAMBLED!, the newest release from my beloved Sardinian/Italian band
is officially in distribution, thanks to the elves at Spoot Music!

I’m a very prOUd prOUducer ~ it looks and sOUnds spectacular.
… for the uninitiated, ‘OU’ means ‘egg’ in Sardinian dialect …

Digitally Stream & Download!
~ on
~ on CD Baby (who will soon have the CDs to distribute as well!)

Support your favorite local record store and pick up a copy at Wall of Sound
(Capitol Hill, Seattle)

CD Release Parties!
SEATTLE ~ come to Solo Bar tonight from 8-10pm for the official CD Release Party!
There will be a live call to Rome on SKYPE to meet the artists, I’ve arranged a dynamite slide shOUw, we’ll listen to the tracks and check out the videOUs ~ and I’ll be providing deviled eggs!

ROME, Italy ~ on June 24 come to Angelo Mai for a huge festa!

Non C’e’ Niente Da Lavare


OU: SCRAMBLED! + Upcoming Concerts

I’ve laid a new egg in my cozy nest of Spoot Music, in collaboration with Public Eyesore Records!

SCRAMBLED! is the second recording by OU (‘egg’ in Sardinian dialect), my beloved and lively Sardinian/Italian world music sextet.  It comes out on Spoot Music on 30 May, 2015!



This stunningly beautiful collection of new compositions by trumpetist/ukeleleist Ersilia Prosperi is sung in Italian, Sardinian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, English and Pygmy, and features a guest brass band and chorus on one of the pieces.  SCRAMBLED! blurs the boundaries between jazz, world music, irony, ferocity and tenderness.

Please join us at the CD Release Party at Solo Bar in Seattle on Saturday 30 May, 8-10pm.  You can hear the new tracks, watch videos, enjoy a slide show, and even join in on a SKYPE conversation with our friends in Rome!

Stream SCRAMBLED! on SoundCloud  / Download SCRAMBLED! from Bandcamp

CD Baby will soon be distributing the physical discs!


Meanwhile, I’m playing lots of music with Ama Trio; collaborating with YESOD to create a sound score for The Cabiri aerial/gymnast company; and I just started a new duo with drummer Tarik Abouzied.  And on the horizon: visionary choreographer Pat Graney has commissioned me once again, this time to compose the sound score for her new dance piece & installation Girl Gods, which premieres at On The Boards from 1-4 October.

Stay tuned for more!

5/30 OU: SCRAMBLED! CD Release Party @ Solo Bar, Seattle. 8pm
6/6 Ama Trio @ Cafe Paloma, Seattle. 8pm
6/12 – 20 Cabiri Theater Group: EZID @ Cornish Playhouse, 7:30pm
6/27 Correo Aereo @ Milagro Cantina, Kirkland