Donald Ousted!

In November, 2016 a routine MRI revealed a garden of earthly delights in my breasts which prompted biopsies, leading to the discovery of a 1cm non-aggressive carcinoma passively lurking in my left breast.  I named it Donald.  On January 23, 2017  Donald was extaordinarily renditioned (successfully, with clean margins) to a Black Site & held for interrogation by specialists.  Good riddance, Donald!

Donald the Lump 1600

Thankfully no chemo was prescribed, just radiation.  Not a fan of western intervention, I dutifully met the radiation oncologist, but didn’t like her or the idea or the hospital, so I said no thanks.  Instead I spent March touring with my beloved Tiptons Sax Quartet, presenting two fabulous new recordings, COOKBOOK as well as the very special WE LOVE TO MEET AGAIN, a live recording of our ongoing collaboration with the 30-voice Michaelbeuern Stiftschor, in the Michaelbeuern Benedictine Abbey in Austria.

Upon my return, I found a different radiation oncologist & closer location, so for the last month have been receiving short beamings daily, Monday through Friday.  I have the weekend ahead of me, and my final 3 treatments after that.  I got to know a gracious lady going through the same ‘treatment’, and we became fast friends right away.  Last Friday she grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek, exclaiming ‘Happy Friday!  Now we have two days off!’.  I smiled at her kindness all weekend.  Her name is Cookie.  We are ‘zap sisters’, and laugh together easily.  She inspired me to make a piece for her, inspired by Zap Mama.  There are 19 vocal tracks.  Enjoy!



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