l’Abbraccione (The Big Embrace)

Here’s a work in progress that I recorded on the Croatian brač last weekend, after finishing my brutal radiation regime.  My gifted poet friend might add his magic, I’ll keep you posted.

The portrait I chose for this song was created by Gretchen Armstrong in December, 1990 when we were sharing a bottle of wine at her house in Seattle in the deep winter.


l’Abbraccione (The Big Embrace)


Upcoming Concerts:

Friday 26 June: SEATTLE.  Thollem McDonas / Lori Goldston / Amy Denio @ NW Film Forum.  Info.

Saturday 27 June: SEATTLE. Correo Aereo @ FOLKLIFE, Seattle Center.  3:50pm, Fisher Green Stage.

Saturday 3 June: SEATTLE. Ama Trio/Correo Aereo @ C&P Coffehouse. 7pm.

Monday 5 June: SEATTLE. Singing in the Rain Family Choir @ Brightwater Waldorf School.  I’ll be playing songs on electric guitar in a killer band accompanying an all ages choir singing very timely pop songs.

Thursday 8 June: SEATTLE. AD Solo Voice & EFX @ Darrell’s Tavern, 9pm FB Invite

Sat/Sun 10-11 June: SEATTLE. The Tesla Projekt: LIGHT @ On The Boards, 8pm

Wednesday 21 June: SEATTLE. Bats of Ballard @ Make Music Day; Lake City Way Park @ LCW & 125th.  5-8pm.

Thurs June 22: TUKWILA, WASHINGTON. AD joins KLED @ Lucky Liquor! 9pm.

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