Truth Is Up For Grabs

I’ve just finished composing more gorgeous music for my 21-piece chamber ensemble Orkestar Istina (Truth Orchestra) to perform at the Chapel Performance Space in the Good Shepherd Center on Fri & Sat October 11 & 12, 8pm.  Open to all ages, 4 and up.

Reserve tickets.

Truth Is Up For Grabs

Artwork by Anne Marie Grgich

My musical musical suite is inspired by current events, the political economy of war, and by poems written by Pablo Neruda. Video artist James Drage has created beautiful moving images for each section.

The instrumentation includes strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussionists from Kurdistan and Mexico, beautiful world music colors. The ensemble will be conducted by Mike Jauregui.

This performance is sponsored by the Seattle Composers Alliance, and made possible in part by funding from The Office of Arts and Culture, and 4 Culture.

Suggested donation $5 – $25.

Contact me for further information.



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