Truth Is Up For Grabs

Enjoyed my wild spin through the dark days of winter here in the NW ~ but thankfully the light is brightening once again.

  • My magnificent opus for 22-piece orchestra, Truth is Up For Grabs is out on Spoot Music!  Listen here!  Want a download for review? Please write me at amydenio [at] gmail [dot] com.
  • In 6 days (totaling a death-defying 60 hours) the Tiptons Sax Quartet recorded and mixed 11 new compositions and two improvisations at Studio Litho for our newest album Wabi Sabi!  It’ll be ready in time for our tour in Europe in March!  I’m really pleased with my deconstructed Yodeling song Moadl Joadl, along with my sexy Latin number El Gran Orinador, plus a dynamic arrangement of my Balkan sendup Root Dance.  
  • I composed and produced a new commission by KINO LORBER to compose an original soundtrack to THE STRIKE (Alice Guy Blachet, 1912), a fabulous workers-of-the-world-unite silent film.  Look for it on a forthcoming DVD compilation!


  • 3/1-2/02 D – Dresden Music Workshop
  • 3/3. D-Jena, Cafe Wagner  8 PM
  • 3/4 D-Pohrsdorf bei Tharandt, Saxstall  8 PM
  • 3/5 D-Chemnitz, Café des Weltecho im Haus “Kammer der Technik”  8 PM
  • 3/7 A – Villach, Jazz Workshop, School of Music 10 AM – 4 PM
  • 3/7. SLO-Kranj Trainstation Subart 8 PM
  • 3/8 I-Orsaria, Premariacco,UD Teatr’Orsaria  8 PM
  • 3/10 Hechingen, Villa Eugenia 7 PM
  • 3/12 D- München House Concert Privat
  • 3/13 A-Salzburg Jazzit  8 PM
  • 3/14 I – Schio Centro Stabile della Cultura  8 PM


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