My new album Pandemonium has been getting airplay in the US and on Italian National Radio! Please message me if you’d like a digital download.

Doobeedoobeedoo published a lovely review of it. Here’s an excerpt:

Throughout the album, Denio takes the listener on a stylistic adventure. No two tracks are the same; there is no one definite genre that can be defined here. The listener is treated to multi-tiered acapella (Northampton), a no-man’s-land between jazz and,,, something else (Mumbai), psychedelic rock (“Convergency Vortex”), forays into Brian Eno-ish ambience (“Washington State”), and other genre defying musical statements. Yet, as diverse as this music is, the entire collection works beautifully together as a coherent whole. Denio’s skills as a composer, arranger, and performer are astonishing.

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