Tiptons Sax Quartet in Europe!

It’s been a while since our last European tour was so rudely cut short by a certain crowned virus! We are looking forward to presenting the fabulous material from our newest album WABI SABI, and also collaborating once again with the fabulous 30-voice choir in the Michaelbeuern Benedictine Abbey!

• Sun. 10/9: (A) Michaelbeuren Benedictine Abbey Choir (19.00)

For our third collaboration with the Stiftschor, I have arranged my compositions I Will Be Sad (with Latin words, now entitled Pacem Veniet) and El Gran Orinador as well as the traditional spiritual By An’ By. The Tiptons and the 30-voice Stiftschor will perform in the beautiful Abbey. Dress warmly!  

• Tues. 10/11: (I) MONTISI: Sala Cinema SPARM (21.30)

• Weds. 10/12: (I) BOLOGNABinario 69 (19.00)

• Thurs. 10/13: (I) BOLOGNA: Festa cogli amici nella campagna!

• Sat. 10/15: (D) NORTHEIM (20:00)

• Sun. 10/16: (D) POHRSDORF bei Tharandt bei Dresden: Saxstall, (15.00)

• Mon 11/17: (I) UDINEMISSKAPPA (20.00)

• Tues. 10/18: (D) LANDSHUTZentrale (20.00)

• Wed. 10/19: (A) VILLACH: School of Music

• Thur. 10/20: (A) SALZBURGJazzit (20:00)

• Fri. 10/21: (A) LINZStadtpfarre Urfahr20:00

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