Out with a Bang

Just composed my new creation for string quartet. Diabolical Thing is based on a simple melody I co-wrote with my 9-year old piano student Simon Englehardt. It’s always fun creating music with him. Our piece will premiere on Thursday, February 16 at the Chapel Performance Space in Wallingford for the next Seattle Composers Alliance Live Sessions.

Thanks to the folks supporting my projects on Patreon and my music on Bandcamp, I recently invested in a nice MacBookPro to start making short videos again. It was like getting on a bicycle after a long hiatus. I was enthralled, and would laugh hysterically.

The first short film, Hansville with Grits is made with love for my fiance. A year ago we moved into a rustic twin peak chalet on the edge of a wildlife sanctuary in north Kitsap Peninsula. It’s what we both needed.


HÍSW̱ḴE SIAM (pronounced HAISH-ka see-EM) is a respectful Coastal Salish greeting. I made it with reverence for all of the ancestors, on whose dust we walk.

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