After 10 weeks of quarantine in West Seattle (I’ve gone to the U District exactly one time), singing is my favorite past time. I’ve lost only one close relative, in Michigan.  RIP Nancy Muha, lovely gal, younger sister of my father’s wife.  Wash your hands frequently and try not to touch your masks!  I meant to say ‘housemates’ the other day, (3 others share the space here) but the phrase ‘haz mat’ came out.  We laughed hard.  And prayed a little.

Spring is full on and the virus is doing fine.  I took some contact tracing classes. Interesting work ~ sleuthing & being social.  That’s what I do naturally. Too bad the work is voluntary at this point. Hard to find consistent paying work these days, so I thank you o Patreonauts.  Your support is essential.

Fun Sacred Voice Concert!   I’ll be singing Thurs. @ 7pm, with electronics and some instruments.  I hope that you’ll drop by & improvise along for a spell. Have a little dance party at your place or in your garden!

Enjoy my new exotica song!  Trieste is from my new series, Le Citta’.

Sing for your health. I’ll show you how on Thursday’s Livestream.


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