Fresh Fish

I’ve started setting tongue twisters by Dr. Seuss to music.
Please enjoy Fresh Fish, from his poem “Fresh, Fresher Freshest” from ‘O Say Can You Say?’ published by Random House. Permission sought.
Thanks to Jon Davis for helping me record the alto sax and his voice.


Do you like fresh fish?
It’s just fine at Finney’s Diner
Finney also has some fresher fish, that’s fresher and much finer
But his best fish is his freshest fish
And Finney says with pride:

‘The finest fish at Finney’s is my freshest fish, French-fried.’

So, don’t order the fresh ~ or the fresher fish at Finney’s if you’re wise.

You’ll say ‘Fetch me the finest French-fried freshest fish that Finney fries.’

Frozen fish, formerly fresh.

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