New Ways of Seeing in 2022

It’s been snowy in Seattle this week. At dusk on New Year’s Eve, I noticed icicles hanging outside Jon’s bathroom. I grabbed my phone to take a photo and perched on the edge of the bathtub to get the shot.

I couldn’t get it. The window was covered with a sheet of film for privacy, making it almost impossible to capture the icicles, plus the neighbor’s truck was in the way.

Suddenly the rod holding up the shower curtain fell with a clang. That was the second time a curtain rod lost purchase today. I laughed. Gravity must be heavier today.

When I looked out the window again, my vision had shifted. Aha! The moment was perfect in a new way. The window blur and the truck shape were part of the big picture. I embraced what I couldn’t change.

May 2022 inspire new ways of seeing old things.

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